1. Download the latest VictoriaMetrics release from releases page, from Docker hub or build it from sources.

  2. Run the binary or Docker image with the desired command-line flags. Pass -help in order to see description for all the available flags and their default values. Default flag values should fit the majoirty of cases. The minimum required flags to configure are:

    • -storageDataPath - path to directory where VictoriaMetrics stores all the data.
    • -retentionPeriod - data retention in months.

    For instance:

    ./victoria-metrics-prod -storageDataPath=/var/lib/victoria-metrics-data -retentionPeriod=3

    See these instructions in order to configure VictoriaMetrics as OS service. It is recommended setting up VictoriaMetrics monitoring.

  3. Configure all the Prometheus instances to write data to VictoriaMetrics. See these instructions.

  4. Configure Grafana to query VictoriaMetrics instead of Prometheus. See these instructions.

There is also cluster version and SaaS playground.